Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is with random dancing?!?

Ok....can we talk about random, middle of nowhere dancing in movies? Does anyone do that in real life? Just encounter a song playing in a restaurant or street and just start dancing when no one is around?

I bring this up because I have been really sick this last week and have (for some reason) been watching A LOT of movies. All of them seemed to have the "random dancing" as I like to call it in them. I don't know if I'm drawn to those types of movies or what. You can ask my friend Lynsey, I get really annoyed when I see it. We haven't figured out if it is because it really does annoy me or if I secretly want someone to do that with me :).

So the first three movies I watched just happened to be from Nicholas Sparks Books. I guess this random dancing has to be a thing of his. Then there is my new favorite movie Twilight. One of these days someone will take me in their arms and dance with me when there is no music in the middle of nowhere. Sigh.......

This reminds me of a song though...

We will dance on the streets
that are Golden
The glorious bride and the
great Son of Man
Let every tongue and tribe and
Rejoice in the song of the

I really shouldn't worry about having someone chose me to dance. I can dance and worship my amazing God in Heaven!!!

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Adventurers Are Us! said...

i think you like them b/c some could consider it the epitome of romance and supposedly that's what every girl wants in life ;) just don't watch romantic movies anymore, stick to the comedies and you'll be ok!